Patch notes

Patch V141

  • New Capes are released! (Some capes are only available through Donation) Check home page for details
  • Level 150 weapon has thier original appearance now.
  • New sale on Lottery boxes (50% off)

Patch V136

  • Quest Mystic Merchant’s Gift kills can be done with team.
  • Wildland bosses have chance to drop level 8 and level 9 glyphs.

Patch V135

  • New Quest: Mystic merchant’s Gift can be aquired at Ether Castle Agent.
  • Mystic Merchant shop is at Ether castle Agent now.
  • Event has stoped.
  • Double exp enabled at server for 1 week.

Patch V133

  • New event at pokari city
  • New lottery box in cash shop

Patch V132

  • Bug fixed on terra and ferus affinity random attributes on lvl 150 equipments!
  • Defence gear (Lv 150) has been fixed!

Patch V129

  • New Mounts added in Heaven Respository
  • New Mounts added in Donation Reward(9m/s)
  • Double ExP has enabled till 10th August.
  • Donation reward time extended till 10th of August 2018.

Patch V128

  • Imbue level +14 bug fixed
  • Nerf on def/res at Level 150 HP gear
  • Sale on lottery box (60% OFF)
  • Lightbender stone (Pack)
  • Etherlaced Crystal (Pack)
  • Ancestral Crsytal (Pack)

Patch V126

  • Level 150 Defence gears now can be exchanged to HP using Blood Immerged Stone.
  • Bug fixes.

Patch V125

  • QUEST: Fight for your region Nerf.
  • (4th and 5th wave monster’s defence and resistance reduced. Quest reward Talisman of Mystery I x1 replaced with Mysterious Box x2.)
  • (Quest monsters are always available now.)
  • New Sale:
  • Mysterious Chest
  • Super Capsul
  • Jade of Prayer
  • Solarlight Box

Patch V124

  • Double EXP and SP is activated.
  • New Quest “Fight for your region” has added in Cloud creek.
  • (This quest monsters will only be available between 03:01 PM to 08:59 PM, Make sure you take the quest in this time. Quest can only be done from realm 8.)
  • Reputaion requirement from D11 & D13 super Imbue has removed.

Patch V123

  • Event has been closed!(Event gifts exchange is still available)
  • Singtao Tiger and Magma Demon in future finale now gives reputation insteed of valor!
  • New Sale:
  • Astral chart
  • Lightbender stone
  • Glyph Seal(IV-VI)
  • Glyph Seal(VIi-VIII)

Patch V122

  • New event has arrived in pokari city. Event gift manager has new quest to gain more rewards from the event.
  • Changes in cash shop:
  • Lottery: Mystery chest and Afinity Tresure price has reduced to 5 Ebucks permanantly.
  • New sale on both lottery box, price reduced by 20%.

Patch V121

  • New Crystaline Glyph IX and Crystaline Glyph X is now available in game.
  • New mantras are now in game (updated).
  • New Glyph Seal(IX-X) is now available in cash shop.
  • Class change quest are now easier, You can change you char class very easily from Ziola.
  • Poet title bug has been fixed.
  • New sale on Lottery boxes, Pet skills and training items.
  • Rare mount reward from donation has started, Offer ends at 5th May 2018. Collect your mount now!

Patch V119

  • Try your luck quest is now set for lvl 70+ players only. This quest now gives many valuable items.
  • Hextech rings reroll fixed.
  • New mantra system added in Game guide.
  • Weapon imbue rate increased by 17%.

Patch V117

  • New Hextech lvl 7 rings released.
  • Hextech fragment shard released which you need to reroll hextech rings and necklace.
  • LV 150 weapon bug is now fixed.
  • New sale on: Keypack, Hextech charms, Awaken essence, Awaken pearl, Mystery Chest.
  • 10% bonus on donation till 20th april 2018.
  • April Fool’s Day Event has shut down.

Patch V116

  • Level 150 gears has arrived.
  • Talisman of Mystery I can be obtained from Mysterious chest.
  • Talisman of Mystery II may drop from Battle of Xanada.
  • Talisman of Mystery III can be obtain from Boss elimination quest from Cloud creek.
  • New lottery box Mysterious chest.
  • New Title Bug Hunter.
  • 50% off on Lightbender stone and Etherlaced Crystal.

Patch V114

  • April Fool’s event is now Live!
  • NPC next to mapkeeper gives the event starter quest. Quest is available for once every day. This event will stay till next three days.
  • Rewards Contains:
  • **Lunar key giftpack(101-150)
  • **Orb of sage
  • **Oxen Ultera seal
  • **Stone of peace
  • **New outlanders trove
  • **Lightbender stones and more
  • D13 (Battle for xanada drop rate has increased.
  • Double EXP has activated and Drop rate increased for all monsters.

Patch V111

  • Dungeon 13 ( Battle for Xanada) is now fixed!

Patch V110

  • Dungeon Battle for Xanada is now fixed!
  • Battle for Xanada map is available on Mapkeeper Ming. ( 3 Maps per day)
  • Xanada Final Boss now drops level 130 and 145 weapons.

Patch V107

  • New Hextech charms are available now.
  • Re-roll issue fixed for Hextech charms.
  • Boss Redridge Drake has been buffered for higher level players. It has chance to drop to Hextech fragments.
  • Battle for xanada bosses has chance to drop Hextech scrolls.
  • Drop rate increased for Bosses in Battle for xanada.
  • Removed some curses from battle for xanada.
  • Cash shop sale changed.
  • Bug fixes.